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Botanical Name: Cola nitida


Origin: Cameroon


500 mg per capsule


Psychoactive alkaloids


  • caffeine (2–3.5%)
  • theobromine (1.0–2.5%)
  • theophylline


The kola nut is a cultural staple in many West African countries, prized for its effects as a central nervous system stimulant. 


It is famous for being part of the original ingredient for coca-cola. The taste is mild with a slight taste of nutmeg as dried and powdered and can be mixed in as an ingredient or made into a tea with a sweetener.


It is packed with caffeine, theobromine, flavanoids and antioxidants making it the perfect morning super-food for a pick me up!


There are many reported traditional health benefits to consuming the nut everyday.


In modern usage it perfect for those looking to loose weight the natural way and reduce hunger pangs.

Kola Nut- Capsules

Amount: 100 Capsules
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