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With white vein kratom, the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree are harvested early in their maturity and then dried indoors without light. 


 As a part of their drying process, they are not exposed to any light, whether it be natural sunlight or light from indoor lamps, which keeps the color from deepening or darkening.


The white vein kratom powder that makes it to market is the result of this unique process, which is unlike the drying process for other strains of kratom.


> White Maeng Da:


> White Sumatra


> White Thai


>White Indo


>White Borneo


Please select your strain at check out in order notes -depending on avaliablity-otherwise one will be chosen for you. Please understand each order is one strain. If you would like multiple strains please put in another order.


Sold as a Botanical only. Please read and check mandatory disclaimer on checkout.

White Vein Vareties

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PriceFrom ₱650.00
  • Premium Kratom direct from the farms of Indonesia and the Philippines. All products are sealed in a airtight resealable high quality pouch for maxiumum freshness. 

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