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Botanical Name: Piper Methysticum

Variety: Pouni Ono




Choose kava over alcohol for a refreshing twist on relaxation! Our meticulously sourced blend, rich in kavalactones, offers a calming alternative without the downsides of intoxication. Elevate your socializing with kava—where relaxation meets clarity, creating the perfect balance for a memorable experience.


Introducing Our Fresh Pouni OnoTonga Kava!


Derived from the unique volcanic soil of the island, our Pouni Ono kava boasts a smooth and easily palatable flavor profile. A sip of this kava induces feelings of relaxation, happiness, and heightened alertness, with some users even reporting an energetic sense of joy. Notably, Pouni Ono stands out as a more uplifting and less fatiguing kava, making it ideal for daytime consumption and our top choice for social gatherings.


Our kava is lab-tested to ensure 100% Noble quality and is directly sourced from small Tongan farmers, guaranteeing freshness, quality, and enhanced effects.


Crafted from the pure lateral roots and stump in a medium grind, harvested in the fertile soil and warmer climate of Vavu'u in the north of Tonga, it offers a smooth taste. Whether unwinding or embracing cultural practices, this social kava is perfect for both occasions.


Experience the best of Tonga with our premium Pouni Ono kava.


Sold strictly as botanical plant material. Information provided for educational purposes. Please refer to the disclaimer.

Premium Noble Tongan Kava- Pouni Ono

PriceFrom ₱850.00
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