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Origin: Thailand




Brand Chatree: 50% Thai Kratom Leaf,  Thai Black coffee 40%, Mulberry leaves 7%, Stevia 3%


Brand:  Luknut: 50% Thai Kratom Leaf, Thai Black coffee 50%




This new Kratom Coffee line should not be missed! Just one cup, it's very strong right now. Black coffee with Kratom tea sachet for health lovers




> Reduced fatigue,

> No exhaustion, no force to work at all.

> Helps to refresh and rejuvenate

> Reduce muscle aches

> Relieve cough,

> Control body weight

> Take care of the body's metabolism

> Reduce blood sugar, anti-diabetic

> Reduces fat in blood vessels and reduces pressure.


Other Benefits of Kratom cut leaf


> Treat distortion and diarrhea Inflation and stomach pain.

> Relieve body muscle aches

> Used ground as a herbal medicine for wound treatment masks.

> Cure insomnia

> Help suppress nerves

> Relieve anxiety

> Help you feel energetic

> Maintain energy level

> Can work for longer

> Reduce blood sugar

> Control hunger,

> Better metabolism.


Clean and safe with GMP standards Select 100% premium grade organic.


Thai FDA number: 4-45-12-04 / 1-0035


Components: 50% kratom Leaf Black coffee 40% Mulberry leaves 7% Stevia 3%

Thai Kratom Coffee Herbal Infusion

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