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The plant contains a large number of alkaloids related to the anti-addiction medication ibogaine, including some of the only known naturally occurring CB1 receptor antagonists. 


One of the plant's alkaloids, voacangine, has been used as a precursor in the semi-synthesis of ibogaine.  Extracts from the plant are also used in the production of vinpocetine, a medication used to treat Alzheimer's disease, and vinblastine, used to treat leukemia. As a CB1- cannaboid receptor antagonist the root bark may provide the similar benefits of CBD oil but without the illegality.


The alkaloids , voacamine and voacangine precursors to ibogaine are reported to be stimulating in lower doses and anti depressant, sedative and hypotensive in higher.


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Voacanaga Africana Root Bark Capsules

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