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Origin: Uganda


Botanical name: Mondia whitei


Mondia whitei, also known as White’s ginger, is particularly popular in Uganda, where medicinal plants are more common than medication. It’s used to increase libido and manage low sperm count.

Studies suggest that M. whitei may be similar to Viagra in that in increases the following:


  • sexual desire
  • human sperm motility
  • testosterone levels
  • NO production and erections


In fact, there’s even a drink call “Mulondo Wine” that uses M. whitei as an ingredient. M. whitei is considered an aphrodisiac because of evidence that it increases libido, potency, and sexual pleasure. Studies in mice suggest that M. whitei is also fairly low in toxicity.

African White Ginger Powder-Mondia whitei

PriceFrom ₱300.00
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