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Scientific Name


Origin: Philippines


Fresh Betel nut in kratom leaf with  tobacco and lime.




Betel nut chewing is a masticatory indulgence—ancient, ritualistic, and medicinal. It is reported to be the fourth most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world, used by 10 to 25% of the world population. Although it is uncertain when the areca nut and betel leaf was first combined into a psychoactive concoction,



• Generally chewed for its stimulant effect. Users may describe a warm body sensation with heightened alertness, sweating, palpitations, and increased capacity for work.

• Generally reported to have good effects: well being, good humor, excitation and feeling of energy, decreasing hunger, assuaging pain, without impairment of consciousness. 

• Some users describe three delightful effects: the exhilarating life, the mysterious indescribable flavor, and the compelling salivation. 

• It produces a feeling of euphoria and acts as a stimulant. On an empty stomach, it can cause a decrease in appetite and diarrhea.

Sold as botanical material only. Please see disclaimer on checkout,

Betel Nut (Momma) 6pcs

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