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The Bedtime Lift Blend is a combination of 2 POWERFULL HERBS. Each bag contains 25 grams of Kanna Fermented Tea cut and 25 gram mix of Damiana.


This ratio combination and mix of bulk damiana with fine cut kanna is perfect for your herbal smoke needs.


The herbs can also be extracted with water to make a uplifting tea.


Kanna is natures anti depressant, it is well know to reduce anxiety and provide a sense of well being throught the serotionin receptors. The aklakoids are also stimulating in low doses and provide a powerful boost to the libedo.


Damiana is traditionally well know as a stimulating herb. Today's use is primarily for sexual enhancement; however, many don't know it's also an excellent nerve relaxant, digestive stimulant, and mood enhancer.


The synergy between the three powerful herbs gives an aromatic, uplifting, energising calming and smoothing effect on the mind and body.

Bedtime Lift Herbal Blend

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