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Origin: Fiji


Botanical Name: Piper methysticum (intoxicating pepper)


Noble Fiji Kava Instant extract 30% Kavalactones


Each capsule is 0.5 grams or 500 mg


Dose 2 capsules taken as needed


This Kava concentrate is x 4 times stronger than normal  raw root.


Kava concentrates are made by extracting only the active ingredients in the kava plant. All the unnecessary “filler” compounds, like fibers, sugars, proteins, and cell structures are removed.


A concentrate is like a shot of espresso. You can get a much higher dose of the good stuff with less volume.


As a result, this form of kava is very strong and should be used with caution. You don’t need much of a kava paste or concentrated powder to get a powerful effect profile.


Noble Fiji Kava Extract Capsules -30% Kavalactones

PriceFrom ₱700.00
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