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Botanical: Instant Extract Powder from 100% Certified Noble Kava from Fiji,


Premium Quality,


Induces Sleep


Supports Muscle Relaxation


Calms & Soothes The Nerves.


Euphoric and Mood lifting


Origin: Fiji


Suggested Medicinal Amount: 1 teaspoon


Instant kava is the solution to a no kava prep drink— in just 20 seconds from start to finish you can prepare a nice cup of kava.


Instant kava comes as a fine powder, to which you add a cup of warm and stir. Some instant kava will dissolve right away, others may need some more vigorous stirring to get the job done, but the end result is the same. A fresh cup of relaxing kava in under a minute and a much smaller amount is needed compared to traditional root.






Fiji Kadavu Noble Kava- Instant Mix

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