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Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is an herbaceous shrub that thrives in Southern Africa’s interior deserts. Held sacred by many indigenous tribes, Kanna’s natural alkaloids relax the body’s central nervous system, resulting in an overall boost to mood and disposition. Kanna is a particularly potent stress killer, making it a favorite with practitioners of traditional medicine. 


Herbal resins are a unique but multi-faceted form of medicinal supplement. Resin is a complex natural substance produced by trees and composed of various oils, terpenoids, esters, and other naturally-occurring compounds.


When melted down and combined with concentrated herbal oils, they cool back into an organic medicine that has a rock-like structure. This herbal resin can then be burned as an incense, melted back into teas or ointments, or even sucked like candy. 


Wonderful.. top quality herbal resins for your enjoyment and relaxation.  Extremely potent!! For best results pack a pea-sized amount between your lip and gums and swallow the juices as the herb dissolves. Use daily for best results!! We love how they alter mood and energy!!

Kanna Resin X50

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