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Botanical: Kanna- Sceletium tortuosum


*Comes with free 10-20 mg measuring spoon*


*Dose 20 mg ----- 1 gram =1000 mg*


Origin: South Africa


A very strong extract that isn't worked on percentage e.g X10 x20 but on the actual alkaloid content. This ensures an exact and precise measure.


It is pro-sexual, emotionally opening, euphoric, body-mind relaxing, entactogenic and empathogenic, all without any significant side-effects or negative long-term consequences. It is thus truly one the great herbal treasures of this planet!


This extract has: Total Alkaloids: ±5.7% Mesembrine: ±4%
 Primary Alkaloid Profile: Mesembrine ±70% Mesembrenone ≤20% ∆7-Mesembrenone ≤10%




Sceletium aka KannaChannaCannaKougoedKauwgoed and Tortuose Fig Marigold is the highly revered, sacred plant that has been used by the San and Khoikhoi people of Southern Africa for millennia – and its time of sharing has come. 


Sceletium has incredible human benefits that are just beginning to be realized, including being the most effective model anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) agent known to man.


It also acts as a highly effective and benign natural anti-depressant (having both serotonin releasing and re-uptake inhibiting effects), is of singular efficacy in assisting with the treatment and healing of addiction, and is an excellent adjunct to clinical therapy and bodywork.


Not to be taken with any SSRI Inhibitor please see disclaimer.


Sold as a Botanical only please see mandatory disclaimer for purchase of this item.  

Kanna - MT55 Extract

PriceFrom ₱750.00
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