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Many traditional uses have been recorded for Leonotis
leonurus otherwise know as Wild Dagga or Wild Cannabis (this plant contains no marijuana cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.) .


Commonly leaves being smoked for the relief of epilepsy, calming and relaxing effect and commonly made into a medicinal tea favored
for its hypnotic effect.


An infusion and a decoction of the
leaf and stem have been used internally for cough, cold,
influenza, bronchitis, high blood pressure, headaches,
diabetes, viral hepatitis, dysentery, and diarrhea and as
an emetic for snakebites.


A tincture of the flower has also
been used for the same purpose.


Externally, decoctions
have been applied to treat boils, eczema, skin disease,
itching, hemorrhoids, and muscular cramps.


Sold as raw botanical material only. Please see disclaimer.

Wild Dagga- Leonotis leonurus Extract X50

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