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Who We Are

Traditional, Rare and Alternative Botanical Supplier in the Philippines

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Philippines Kratom has been selling  Red Vein Kratom Philippines, Green Vein Kratom Philippines, White Vein Kratom Philippines and Yellow Vein Kratom Philippines, in the Philippines since 2015.

Philippines Kratom has continually featured a variety of high-quality and affordable Kratom Philippines strains which follow GMP guidelines at source of origin.


Philippines Kratom is well renowned in the Philippines  as a popular supplier of other alternative and rare to find botanicals from around the world.

Our passion for high quality traditional and alternative botanical products has continued to drive us around the world in search for other potent folk botanicals that have been used for centuries in various ways.  


The team at Philippines Kratom knows that to ensure confidence in alternative botanicals we must go to the source. This is why we are supplied directly by farmers, using each of their countries respective native plants.


Check out our blog for our worldwide farmers, own farm plus a detailed herbal.

Philippines Kratom Blue Lotus
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